When it comes to commercial cleaning, cleaning franchisees are the certified experts so if you don’t know much about commercial cleaning or just need a few quick cleaning tips, check out these helpful blog posts.

5 Things Property Managers Should Know About Cleaning

As a property manager, maintaining the cleanliness of your commercial property is not just about aesthetics. Instead, it’s crucial in achieving tenant satisfaction, improving tenant retention, and maintaining your property’s overall value. A well-maintained property reflects positively on your management, keeps tenants happy, and ultimately contributes to your bottom line.  On that note, here are […]

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How To Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

With plenty of commercial properties in your area, you might see potential income and exponential growth opportunities by creating your own commercial cleaning business.  Those without experience in the cleaning industry might wonder how to start a commercial cleaning business. As a trusted brand in commercial cleaning solutions, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting can guide you […]

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What Is Commercial Cleaning? A Complete Guide

Maintaining a clean and organized commercial space is vital for success in today’s competitive business landscape. Cleanliness reflects professionalism and attention to detail, creating a positive impression on visitors and potential clients. However, beyond mere aesthetics, cleanliness influences the perception of a brand and contributes significantly to the overall success of a business. Many studies […]

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5 Reasons You Need Retail Store Cleaning Services

First impressions matter in retail. If you’d like to encourage customers to stay a while or return in the future, you want to impress them as they enter your store. Moreover, unpleasant experiences on the first visit can almost guarantee that customers won’t return, and you may even lose a sale.  In light of this, […]

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Break Room Cleaning Checklist

As a business owner or office manager, how well you keep your break room clean and inviting directly impacts the well-being and satisfaction of your employees at work. A spotless and fresh-smelling break room not only promotes a healthier workplace but also fosters a positive environment where employees can relax and recharge.    However, keeping the […]

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The Importance of Disinfecting for Flu Season

Flu season hits every year without fail, making it an annual concern that can significantly impact your workforce. Unfortunately, with the recent COVID-19 surges to be concerned about on top of the usual flu this time, all it takes is one infected individual to spread the virus and put your entire team at risk.  The […]

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How to Clean Your Car Dealership

Those looking to purchase a vehicle notice various things when entering a car dealership. Aside from the gleaming vehicles on display, they are most likely paying attention to the polished showroom floors, the inviting customer lounge, and the orderliness of the entire facility. All of these contribute to a customer’s impression of your dealership. Most […]

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What is Terminal Cleaning?

Hospitals are considered sanctuaries of healing. They play an integral role in providing patient care and helping patients recover from their ailments. Ironically, this essential service can also be a source of germs and pathogens that can make other people sick. Patients come and go – and bring disease agents with them. These health threats […]

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